My laptop is having some kind of problem and I need it for class, what can I do?

The Help Center will provide Walk-In Services from 8 am -5 pm for the purpose of providing face-to-face hands-on technical consultation and diagnostics* services for laptops and other instructional technologies.  Please check the Help Center home page for additional information.
(*Note: Actual repair of non-Heritage hardware is not available.)

How do I get help if I'm having a problem with my computer or trouble logging on to a Heritage system?

Anyone can call the Help Center to receive support by phone anytime during normal service hours. Dial 4357 from any campus phone or call 509-865-8579
A work order can be submitted by using the work order system or sending an email to ithelpdesk@heritage.edu
Please check the Help Center home page for contact information and service and support hours.