What is Heritage University Notification System?
Heritage University Notification System is a notification system for students, staff, and faculty. This notification system sends text messages, phone calls, and/or emails to users who have registered for these services. Campus personnel will send out notifications for campus emergencies as well as campus inclement weather and closures. Please review this page for up-to-date emergency notices. 
Ways to receive alerts
You can receive alerts via email, mobile phone, or landline.


Add up to two email addresses, in addition to your Heritage University registered email address

Mobile Phone

Add up to three mobile phone numbers (add your parents or spouse).


Add up to three landline phone numbers (add your work or home phone number).

After login
Verify the existing mobile, voice, and email contacts. If any of them are incorrect,
delete them first before adding any new information.


Tri-Cities CBC Campus Security Information and Emergency Safety Plan

You will need to register for a separate Emergency Notification System to receive notices pertaining to the CBC campus in Pasco.

The process is completed through the CBC website at http://columbiabasin.edu/ens.

You will choose the option of "Not a CBC student or employee". The password is "CBCENS".

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How to opt out of text messages
Log in to the Rave Mobile Safety site and remove any mobile phone contacts
by clicking the red circle with a single line through 
You can opt out of text messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787



I am having trouble logging in


To log in to the Rave Mobile Safety site, use your Heritage University username and password.

Please contact the IT Help Center at 509-865-8579 if you need assistance.



I don't have a Heritage University username


Please contact your direct supervisor to request an account be created.

Your direct supervisor must send the request to IT via an IT Work Order.

You will be required to sign a computer use agreement to access computer resources within Heritage University networks.



I forgot my password


Please contact the IT Help Center at 509-865-8579 to retrieve your password.

If you are a staff or faculty member, you can retrieve your password by accessing the

Password Management System.