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All Heritage University students receive an email address after you register for the first time, just prior to the semester being current. If you do not know what your email address is, please go to the Student Services tab and review the Email portlet. Your email address should be found there as well as the link to webmail.
Your ID number is a unique identification number that Heritage University has for all students/staff/faculty. You can find this number on the Home tab under "Retrieve my ID". You must be logged in to view this information.
Your username and password can be obtained by contacting the Help Center or your professor in a class you are registered to take.
Click here to learn how to access your Heritage University email.
Students, Staff and Faculty may change their passwords through the Password Management System.
Student email boxes can hold 75MB worth of mail. If your mailbox reaches this limit you will not be able to send or receive email. Once you reach 50MB of used space a status bar will appear in the upper left corner of the mailbox and you will start getting warning messages via email notifying you that your mailbox is almost full. This will occur every day until you reduce your mailbox size by permanently deleting unwanted emails. This email will never ask you to do anything other than delete items and empty your deleted items folder. We NEVER use email to verify account information by asking you to provide your username and password or by clicking on links. Those are spam emails and simply need to be deleted.   
If you are receiving messages that indicate your mailbox is full or you are unable to receive email, your mailbox may be full. Please empty the contents of your deleted items folder with the following steps:
  1. Right Click your Deleted Items Folder
  2. Choose "Empty Deleted Items Folder"
  3. At the prompt, click "Yes"

By emptying your Deleted Items Folder, you are permanently deleting your messages and thus reducing the size of your mailbox. Simply deleting emails will not reduce the overall size.

Firefox 19, IE 10, Chrome 25.0.1364 and Safari 6.0.  If you are not using one of these browsers, you may experience compatibility issues within MyHeritage.

If you are having issues within MyHeritage, verify you are using a supported browser.