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RDG 502 10 - Theoretical Foundations of Reading Study GuideĀ 
Section 1: Introduction to Theoretical Foundations of Reading
- Definition of theoretical foundations of reading
- Importance of studying theoretical foundations of reading
- Overview of the historical and theoretical perspectives on reading

Section 2: Phonological Awareness
- Definition and components of phonological awareness
- Importance of phonological awareness in reading development
- Teaching strategies to develop phonological awareness skills
- Assessing and diagnosing phonological awareness difficulties

Section 3: Phonics and Word Recognition
- Definition and importance of phonics in reading
- Different phonics approaches (analytic, synthetic, analogy-based)
- Strategies for teaching phonics effectively
- Common word recognition strategies (sight words, decoding)
- Assessing and diagnosing word recognition difficulties

Section 4: Fluency
- Definition and importance of fluency in reading
- Strategies for developing reading fluency
- Assessing and diagnosing fluency difficulties
- Connecting fluency with comprehension

Section 5: Vocabulary Development
- Importance of vocabulary development in reading
- Strategies for teaching vocabulary effectively
- Assessing and diagnosing vocabulary difficulties
- Connecting vocabulary development with comprehension

Section 6: Comprehension
- Importance of comprehension in reading
- Different reading comprehension strategies (predicting, summarizing, questioning)
- Strategies for teaching reading comprehension effectively
- Assessing and diagnosing comprehension difficulties

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