MyHeritage Help Videos
Logging In (.flv, 17690K, 352 )
Locating Class Syllabi (.flv, 18378K, 184 )
Posting in the Online Forums (.flv, 35938K, 236 )
Attaching Files and Making Links to Forum Posts (.flv, 16990K, 97 )
Update on MyHeritage Forums (.flv, 16593K, 64 )
Heritage Library Online (.flv, 63294K, 108 )
Online Bookstore (.flv, 18357K, 49 )
Download a Handout (.flv, 18690K, 71 )
Finding Your Webmail (.flv, 5781K, 87 )
Setting Up Attendance in MyHeritage (.flv, 20033K, 63 )
Elluminate Help Videos
Joining an Elluminate Session (.flv, 36824K, 175 )
Accessing Elluminate Training (Updated) (.flv, 28081K, 67 )
Chalk and Wire ePortfolio Help Videos
Initial Registration of ePortfolio Account (.flv, 13452K, 64 )
Create New ePortfolio (.flv, 26919K, 50 )
Edit ePortfolio to Upload and Submit Assignment (.flv, 31609K, 51 )
Teaching with the SmartBoard
Smartboard (.flv, 251901K, 67 )
OCICU Training Videos
These videos relate to Heritage University's courses with the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities.
OCICU Walkthrough (.flv, 85545K, 79 )
Demonstrates the "look and feel" of an OCICU course here at Heritage.  To request the corresponding handout (electronic version), email Dr. Loren R. Schmidt at
Heritage Mission
Dr. Kathleen Ross, snjm, discusses Heritage values.
The Heritage Story, Part I (.flv, 20385K, 39 )
The Heritage Story, Part II (.flv, 133698K, 15 )
English Department Shared Videos
Videos you may use in your courses by permission of the creators.
OED Demo (.flv, 117277K, 21 )
Walkthrough for using the Oxford English Dictionary online.
OED Update (.flv, 32659K, 5 )
Updates changes in the Oxford English Dictionary online format
University of Iowa Phonetics Database (.flv, 58458K, 15 )
Walktrhrough on using the University of Iowa's online Phonetics Database (English, Spanish, and German).
Marking Syllable and Word Stress (.flv, 22827K, 28 )
Quick run-through on the English-teacher and BLE-teacher methods of marking stressed words and syllables (linguistics or poetry).
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