Work Study

Welcome and thank you for your interest in participating in the Heritage University Work Study Program.The program will allow students to pursue placement of their choice and serve as a tool for students to attain skills in the area of job readiness.

How DOES THE Work Study Placement Work?

  • Students must be awarded Work study. A Financial Aid Representative will award all work-study eligible students and determine the award amount.
  • Visit the job board after you have selected the desired job you wish to pursue. You will need to:
    • Submit your online work-study application here.¬†If an agreement between student and supervisor is made (willingness to hire), the supervisor will inform the Work Study Coordinator.
    • If you are selected for a work-study position you will be contacted by Financial Aid to set up an appointment within 1-3 days to generate a contract. You will be required to attend a new hire orientation by Human Resources to provide necessary payroll documents (please visit for a complete listing of required documents, which must be presented at the meeting; one item from column A or one item from column B and one item from column C.)

Important FACTS about Work Study Placement:

  • Workstudy awards range from $2,000 - $9,000 for an academic year.
  • Students are allowed to work up to 19 hours per week but under no circumstance may a student work more than 19 hours per week.
  • Individualized placements will determine the hour allotment per week as well as the hourly wage.
  • Placement is determined by supervisor
  • Placement is limited, not all Workstudy Awarded students are guaranteed a¬†placement.
  • Students who are hired through the workstudy program must maintain academic satisfactory progress
  • Students placed through the program are recommended to attend resume writing workshops, career fairs and participate in mock interviews