{expander}Human Resources - Office Assistant Work Study

1. Job Title:

Office Assistant

2. Pay Rate:


3. Effective dates:


4. Department Name:

HR Department

5. Department Number:


6. Supervisor Name:

Anita Mendez

7. Phone Number:


8. Job Description (provide a detailed description of duties)

This position will assist all HR Office staff with daily tasks. The HR Office seeks to further the reputation, resources, and relationships of Heritage University.

Support of these goals includes the following tasks:

· Familiar with Outlook, Internet, Word, and Excel

· Filing/Database Management

· Phone Etiquette

· Alphabetizing

· Data Entry

· Spreadsheets

· Work with minimum supervision at times

· Understanding of confidentially

· Usage of copier, printers, fax machines, labeler, and scanner


9. Educational Benefits to be derived by student in this job:

Learn accountability, confidentiality, increase knowledge of computer programs, learn aspect of office atmosphere, filing, data entry, and to work under minimal supervision. Learn how to run office equipment. The person will also learn to work with high level management in an Executive Office. Also, be trained in proper office attire and language usage. Phone etiquette, and customer service.

10. Minimum Qualifications: (what skills must a student possess to do this job:

· Familiarity with computer

· Able to work and support multiple people

· Able to type

· Comfortable with working with higher management

· Phone Etiquette

· Customer service

Advancement Office Office Assistant

This position will assist all Advancement Office staff with daily tasks. The Advancement Office seeks to further the reputation, resources, and relationships of Heritage University.

Support of these goals includes the following tasks:

  • Check and distribute department mail
  • Filing/Database Management
    • File gift records, acknowledgment letters and donor correspondence
    • Organize donor files
    • Other filing as needed
    • Assist in the maintenance of donor database, including data entry and edits to records
  • Donor Relations
    • Write thank you cards to donors
    • Interact with donors on phone or in-person as needed
  • Reception
    • Answer phones, greet walk-in visitors as needed
    • Provide directions and information to walk-in visitors
    • Assist students with completing thank-you cards
  • Event assistance
    • Assemble packets for events
    • Student ambassador recruitment and management
    • Alumni events (contact attendees by phone or email, check-in at events, room set-up and clean-up, follow-up calls and emails)
    • Scholarship Dinner (preparatory activities and attendance)
    • Gathering department information as requested for distribution at events and to individual donors
    • Some events may take place in the evening or on weekends
  • Copying/Mail
    • Copy and mail acknowledgement letters and other donor correspondence
    • Purchase orders and check requests
    • Other items as needed
  • Maintain organized supply closet/area
  • Scan/email/fax materials as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

The Business Office Work Study position

Supervisor: Alysia Stevens

Wage Rate: $14.49

Hours: 19/week

Job Description:

The Business Office Work Study position is responsible for assisting in the areas of: Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Receivables, Student information, Payroll, and Perkins Loan files.  Individual will be required to perform accurate work and maintain confidential information with tact, discretion, and in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Filing numerically and alphabetically

Retrieving and delivering mail, sorting mail, statement mailings, and other mass mailings.

Covering the student account window

Knowledge of Excel and Word helpful for special projects

Copying, faxing, and scanning projects

Education Benefits to be derived by students on this job:

This position can give experience in basic office skills to those students interested in Business

Minimum Qualifications:

Ability to work with confidential information using tact, discretion, and in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Knowledge of filing alphabetically and numerically

Kitchen Assistant

JOB TITLE: Kitchen Assistant


PAY RATE: $14.49


SUPERVISOR: Timothy Newbury



Work with other staff to provide service to customers in a smooth and cooperative atmosphere.  Customers include those attended in the dining area, child care meals provided, and catering for various events.  Maintain a clean and safe working environment.



1. Represents Heritage University in the most positive manner with prospective, former and current

students, clients, suppliers and the community we serve. Interacts effectively with a diverse group of faculty, staff, students and other customers of our services, learns and uses operating practices of the department and Heritage University.

2. Upholds the Heritage University Mission Statement.

3. Handles confidential information with tact, discretion and in compliance with FERPA regulations.

4. Assisting other employees to keep a cohesive team atmosphere .

5. Stocking the varied and numerous items needed to maintain the kitchen. 

  • Keeping products stocked (i.e. cups, plates, napkins, condiments, etc.)
  • Chips, Coffee, Cereal & other food items located in service area
  • Breakfast Bar/Salad bar items

6. Washing pots, pans and dishes
7. Maintaining the cafeteria tables and counters in an orderly & clean manner

8. Assist customers.

9. Preparing food for cafeteria customers, catering events, or the Early Learning Center

10. Cleaning machines, refrigerators, freezers, warmers, fountain, microwaves, etc.

11. Keeping a note of future menus and preparing those things in advance that can help (e.g., thawing food that is needed for the next day’s menu)

12. Help to maintain sufficient product by noting when supplies are low.

13. Sweep & mop floor

14. Other duties that contribute to a smooth working environment.



1. Performs other functions as necessary or as assigned.

2. Other duties that contribute to customer satisfaction and assisting other employees.



Learn to manage time and work habits in an efficient manner.

Learn to work well with others for the same common goal and benefit.

Learn the skill of customer service / customer satisfaction.

Learn to prepare foods and take responsibility for cafeteria products.



A.            Knowledge: Current Food Handlers card.

B.            Abilities: The position requires LIFTING of heavy boxes and pots.  Also, standing for long periods of time is required. There may be need to push carts across campus or drive to get food to the required location. Ability to accommodate customers in pleasant and courteous manner is required.

Early Learning Center Child Care

Department: Early Learning Center

Rate: $14.49

Hours/Week: 19

Job Title: Child Care Teacher Assistant

Job Description:
To assist with snack and meal preparation, serve children meals, assist with dishes and clean up, help teachers sanitize toys, wash laundry weekly and assist teachers in preparation of activities and bulletin boards.

Education Benefits to be derived by students on this job:
Work study who are presently enrolled in Early Childhood Studies or in another Educational field, we would utilize in the classroom as much as possible to give them the experience of working around young children.  This could include but not limited to assisting with prepping activities, assisting children with activities and supporting the staff on room arrangements.

Minimum Qualifications:
Someone with  good attendance, respectful and caring towards children and staff, who enjoy children, tolerate noise and help to create a positive environment and always moving.

Financial Aid Office Assistant

Title: Financial Aid Office Assistant

Supervisor: Dianne Fernandez

Wage Rate: $14.49

Job Responsibilities:

* Work with staff, students and University patrons

* Perform a variety of duties not limited to: answering phones, use of copy and fax machine, use of computer to perform data entry, filing, etc.

* Direct students as needed

* Greet, check in and route students to appropriate staff.

* Document as needed

* Maintain confidentiality

* Assist with upkeep of office, light dusting, maintain reception area, inventory and organize supplies.

* Other duties as assigned.


Education Benefits to be derived by students on this job:

* Customer Service

* Knowledge of financial aid programs, resources and benefits

* Knowledge of operation and function of financial aid within the University


Minimum Qualifications:

* Ability to provide information to others in a professional and accurate fashion

* Dependable and Reliable

* Courteous and professional disposition

* Willingness to be of assistance to others

* Ability to listen, follow directions, and stay on task

* Ability to perform repetitive and routine tasks

* Commitment to maintaining confidentiality

Library Assistant




Section 1

Job Title: Library Assistant______                   $14.49 /hour


Department:  Library     Supervisor: Beth Schipul 


Section 2

JOB DESCRIPTION: (be specific and provide detailed description of duties.)


This position provides assistance to our Library users with computer use, circulation, and information services.

*Learn to use, troubleshoot, and instruct others in the use of computers, databases, and the online catalog.

*Be able to assist faculty, staff, and students to locate desired materials in the Library and provide answers to basic questions.

*Create and maintain accurate library user records according to specific procedures, charge and discharge materials for users, check out equipment with required contracts, perform basic processing of new library items, accurately shelve returned items to using the Dewey Decimal system, fix minor printer and copier jams, and make change when necessary.

*Work on Library projects that require the use of Microsoft Office, Outlook, or other software used in the Library.

*Work on detailed projects for Circulation and Technical Services

*Other duties and projects as assigned.





*The student becomes confident in using Dewey Decimal Classification System and library resources to locate electronic and print materials for academic research purposes for their own coursework and become comfortable instructing other students in the research process as well. This provides valuable research skills for the student now and often instills a lasting love of discovery and lifelong learning.

*The student also learns the expectations of a professional position, as well as the vocabulary that is specific to the work environment, which will serve them well in their professional jobs after graduation.

*The student becomes practiced at providing excellent customer service to our users and resolving basic customer issues that may arise with the users, which will provide them with the confidence that they can not only handle issues, but can also develop excellent rapport with the Library users and each other.

*The library has several large projects that enable a student to work independently and to clearly communicate their progress with other team members who are working on the same project, which is a vital skill for the professional work environment.

*Completing assignments in a timely fashion instills both the importance of not only completing a project correctly with attention to detail, but also meeting deadlines in the workplace, which provides a sense of achievement.

Section 4

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (what skills must a student possess to do this job?)


Must be able to be organized, do detailed work, be self-directed, work well both independently and with a team, and willing to learn new things and ask questions.

Must be able to correctly place items in alphanumeric order, follow directions, and have the ability to work well with supervisors, peers, and patrons.

Capable of learning or have knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office.

Capable of learning or have experience with Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Capable of learning or have knowledge of ALMA/Primo online catalog, database programs, and how to access information.


TITLE: Office Assistant

TITLE: Office Assistant

SUPERVISOR: Adriana Villafan

RATE: $14.49


Office Assistant is an entry level position that will provide support to the TRiO Student Support Services Program. The student will assist project staff in preparing handouts and materials for students, maintaining program files, and performing general office duties. This job will include filing and mailing information to project participants as well as assisting with project activities.

Working under close supervision, Office Assistant is at the entry/trainee level. Employees are given detailed instructions in the performance of routine clerical duties related to filing, form processing, record maintenance, mail, and typing or data entry and perform tasks that are more structured and repetitive. As requisite skills and knowledge are developed, greater independence and the full scope of responsibility are exercised.

1. Represents Heritage University in the most positive manner with prospective, former and current students, clients, suppliers and the community we serve. Interacts effectively with a diverse group of faculty, staff, students and other customers of our services, learns and uses operating practices of the department and Heritage University.

2. Upholds the Heritage University Mission Statement.

3. Handles confidential information with tact, discretion and in compliance with FERPA regulations.

4. Complete tasks by using basic office machines, such as, computers, fax machine, copier and calculator.

5. Answers inquiries related to department services, programs, and operations. This includes, assisting the public in person or by phone, screen and route phone calls, and scheduling appointments.

6. Obtains information, resolves discrepancies or errors, disperses relevant information, or refers client to the appropriate personnel or location; explains the proper use of forms and documents.

7. Verifies that information or data is complete, accurate, and consistent.

8. Maintains department files. This includes hard and electronic files using Student Access.

9. Manages staff calendars including scheduling of 160 Individual Success Plans, Retention meetings, and drop in meetings.

10. Place reminder calls to students who have appointments with the S3 Program.

11. Track event participation for S3 TRIO program in excel data sheet.

12. Create all flyers for S3 events, workshops, and trips.

13. Make recruitment phone calls for all workshops, events and trips.

14. Participate in recruitment tabling.

15. Answers incoming phone calls with professionalism, discretion and tact.

16. Make daily mail run for TRIOS3 program.

17. Greet students seeking TRIOS3 services in a professional and timely manner.

18. Keep inventory of all TRIOS3 supplies/maintain supply closet.

19. Other duties as assigned.

1. Performs other functions as necessary or as assigned.  Screens and distributes incoming mail and sends out informational materials and letters.  Processes, maintains, and prepares forms, records, reports, and control logs.

During the regular academic year employees must be enrolled and eligible for the HU work study program; must be able to work at 15-19 hours a week; strong English grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation and ability to utilize Word, Excel and other computer applications and possesses strong keyboarding skills. Capacity to follow detailed directions and are teachable.  Capacity to provide excellent customer service and strong organizational skills. Ability to stay on task and complete job requirements even when the office may become busy.

ASC Tutor Position

2022-2023 ASC Tutor Position

  • Department Name: Academic Skills Center
  • Supervisor: Karita Maltos
  • Title: ASC Tutor


Job description:

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) is seeking qualified tutors in all subject areas. Tutors provide academic support to Heritage University students through one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions in subjects that the tutor has been hired to support. Tutors facilitate learning and serve as guides and coaches to assist students in becoming successful, independent learners.


Education benefits to be derived by the students on the job:

Through preparation and tutoring, the student will gain a deeper understanding of the content they tutor. They will be working in a team environment in which each team member is encouraged to grow and develop their skills. In addition, all tutors will gain professional development by taking part in regular training. The student will gain significant experience with interpersonal communication skills, working collaboratively in a team environment, and refining their customer service skills. 


Minimum qualifications:

  • The applicant must submit a separate tutor application with the Academic Skills Center: https://form.jotform.com/HUASC/tutorapplication.
  • The applicant must have earned a letter grade of B or higher the course(s) they wish to tutor, or in closely-related courses.
  • The applicant must be recommended by a faculty member for the subjects they wish to tutor. The ASC will obtain faculty recommendations on the applicant’s behalf but may ask the applicant to assist with identifying or contacting the appropriate faculty member.


For any questions regarding your application, please contact us:

Phone: (509) 865-8517

Email: ASC@heritage.edu

College of Education



Job Title: Office Assistant $  14.49            


Department:  College of Education


Supervisor:  Livia Castilleja & Raquel Vijarro



  • Mail Distribution
    • take interoffice and postal letters to mail drop site.   Pick up mail in the box marked Early Childhood and Simkins South: be sure to deliver the mail the recipient’s mailbox outside their door.
    • You also will receive mail for Human Resources (HR).  This can be confidential, so be sure to deliver immediately.
    • Any mail recipient you don’t recognize, ask me or anyone down the hall.
  • Front Desk duties
    • Answering phones, taking messages, routing call
      • When transferring a call, press transfer, then enter the extension you are transferring to, and press transfer again.
    • Guiding students or staff to appropriate areas they may need help finding
      • Map located on desk if unfamiliar with campus.  May also give one to person needing guidance.
    •  Please keep workstation clean as possible during work hours. 
      • Pick up office and kitchen on down time


Scanning archived files is a priority if there are no work requests by the faculty.

  • Spreadsheet creation – as assigned by Chair or faculty
  • Data collection and entry – as assigned
  • Copying – make sure copier paper trays are full
  • Bulletin boards – use creativity to decorate and post information pertinent to Education
  • Extra duties as required – plant watering, kitchen clean up, etc.

Any work with student information – grades, DOB, SSN, address, must be kept confidential. Please lock files in a cabinet or in the file room.

  • Homework is not a job responsibility: must be done on breaks or after work study hours.  If there is nothing available to do, then homework is acceptable with permission.