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Theory of Practice I (SOWK 486W)

Term: 2022-2023 School Year Fall Semester


Mr. Jacob R Campbell

Office Hours

  • Start Date: Aug 25 2015 11:55PM
  • End Date: Aug 25 2015 11:55PM
  • Single Date:
  • Weekly Days:
  • Note: My office hours are by arrangement only. Call / Text (509) 392-1056 or email to make arrangements.

I don't have specific office hours, but feel free to reach out to me, and we can schedule a time to meet.


Wed, 5:30 PM - 8:15 PM (8/22/2022 - 12/9/2022) Location: TR


Generalist Social Work Practice with micro systems. Knowledge and methods to bring about planned change with individuals and client-identified family systems Practice in interpersonal skills. Offered fall semesters. Limited to majors