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Where can you find bike taxi in San Diego?

When you are in San Diego bike taxi will be of help to reach any place in the central city zone avoiding traffic jams. Here everybody can book it beforehand and get a stunning tour around the local landmarks or just reach the destination. Thus, you can imagine how many people will view an ad printed on a cabin of this slowly riding transport facility.

About bike taxi

What is a bike taxi? This is a well-known pedicab – a participant of the local public transport system of San Diego and its ride-hailing segment in particular. It is getting more popular and there are reasons for the increase in demand among locals and guests of the city. They can pick up a passenger and drop him off easily at any corner at any moment due to their flexibility and maneuver capability. They are chosen to get to bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, and so on. The guests of the San Diego Convention Center like this vehicle a lot. Pedicabs are allowed using the routes where traditional forms of transportation have no right to go. The modern models are safe and equipped with the entertainment features including sound system. You just cannot find a better transport to take in the sights in a safe and relaxed manner.

What do we offer?

We offer a beneficial pedicab rent and advertising on it which will meet your requirements and be viewed by all visitors of downtown San Diego. You can use bike taxis for:

1.  branding, sponsored rides, and so on. Just apply the ad signs on a cabin and interact with your would-be customers straightforwardly. And, please, pay your attention that pedicabs are a green form of transportation and if you use them, you get involved in environment protection activities, which will add to your business reputation.

2.  Convention Center advertising. It is in demand among participants of the exhibitions and their sponsors. This outdoor promotion can compete with billboards or outdoor signs.

3.  Pedicab rides which can be arranged for your guests, convention attendees, employees, or whoever. It provides a lot of fun and allows learning the city in detail with its marvelous harbor, creating pleasant memories and drawing attention to your brand thanks to vivid printed promotional content.

4.  long term advertising which can last for a day or year. You can apply printed graphics on a cabin of bike taxis and enjoy increased sales volumes boosted by this advertisement.

Our advantages

When we perform the orders of our customers we:

·         get focused on personal needs of the business and print a remarkable ad to be applied on bike taxis in accordance with customer’s requirements;

·         achieve the best possible result in reproducing of the provided graphics regardless of complexity of the image;

·         approve the design before we start printing to avoid any awkward situations and guarantee accuracy of the layout and content.

·         arrange a prompt printing and delivery to the destination without wasting the time of our customers following our schedules and contract commitments.

Go to and find more information about the terms of pedicab rent and our printing services which can be applied to this efficient advertising medium.