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How to make a sticker in San Diego?

In San Diego stickers are used almost anywhere for promotion purposes. You can rely on them as they stick to the surface firmly. In order to print any content on stickers, you should contact Urban Sign&Print and place an order for any number of items. It is possible to come with your unique design or use our templates and print a sticker corresponding to the rare needs.

About stickers

Stickers are a cost-effective way to promote a brand or product. They can be made in accordance with corporate identity in order to be recognizable. Anyway, the stickers allow reaching the wide public ensuring greater company association and better call to action by notifying the target audience about the key features of the product or service. This is a kind of dialogue with customers and an affordable method to make people talk about a promoted subject and connect to your company to buy the goods, services or to get a detailed consultation. The consumers just need the proper information about your offer to make purchases suiting their needs.

What do we offer?

We provide a wide range of shapes and types of stickers like:

1.        Oval, circle, square, rectangle, and rounded corner stickers which can be chosen as you may in your discretion think fit;

2.        Die cut ones being waterproof and durable stickers shaped in different ways to be applied everywhere to fit on a particular space, for instance on the window in your store or a car. You can customize sizes and choose any pictures.

3.        Kiss cut ones which are a perfect option if you want to reduce your advertising costs and still solve your promotion tasks. They come with a smoother peeling and strong customization allowing you to attract the target audience. They can be put on the packages of the delivered goods and on the envelope with letters sent to the partners.

4.        Bumper ones being able to make a promoted item to be noticed by the wider public thanks to moving cars they are applied on. Thus they contribute to the faster increase of your sales volumes. The additional benefit is that the material, the stickers are made from, does not wear out for a long time looking like new.

5.        Sticker sheets providing an option of multiple custom stickers printed on one canvas. There are plenty of variants which can be incorporated into any appropriate place.

Our advantages

When you deal with us, you get the best ever service, perfect materials, and lasting printing of any decals at a reasonable price and also you can count on:

  • rapid turnaround and that means that you will get your order performed in the shortest possible time because we understand that all businesses should be in a hurry to succeed;
  • communication with highly skilled specialists who are experienced in handling of the most complicated projects;
  • the quality result meeting your requirements to the fullest extent.

Just visit our print shop at and enjoy the diversity of features, favorable terms, and plenty of products which allow you to gain even more with your promotional campaign. Just bring awareness about your services and products to those who may need them!