In this article, I will talk about the assembly features and location for an inground basketball hoop and a gazebo on  a property, which are one of the most popular installation and assembly services in early spring, summer and early autumn. As a rule, we need 2 visits to the client to install and assemble the inground basketball hoop. On the first visit, we dig a 4-foot hole and fill it with concrete. We insert 4  J bolts into the concrete , put a plate on them and let it dry. In 3-4 days  arrive and start assembling the frame and backboard. Usually, it takes us 3-4 hours.

The board is handy to hang from the pick up truck. After assembly, adjustment is made for the customer and that's it, the work is finished. 99% of  installations of  basketball go on driveway. Of course, before installation, we ask the client to even send a photo where he wants to put the hoop. You need a flat place for the ball to bounce, you also need space for at least 2 people to play. It is very desirable that there are no buildings, bushes, or flowers, otherwise they can be damaged. A very common option for installation - hoop lighting - is hung high up and illuminates the throwing point. Also, you can install a net near the hoop to prevent the ball from flying to the side. 

The second thing I would like to talk about is the assembly and installation of  a gazebo on your site. We have been providing the service for 5 years and can boast that we know almost all the features of installing wooden and aluminum  gazebos. Of course, you need to start the project with the size and choice of placement. If you have a small family or company, then 10x12 is quite suitable. If the family is large and space allows, it is logical to purchase 12x20. Do not forget that the gazebo is placed in a quiet remote place so that you can enjoy your rest. The choice of a site for installation is important. Ideally, this should be a deck. a concrete patio or pavers.

If the client has pavers, we recommend building concrete footings under pavers and anchor to the footings through the pavers.It will be 100% secured from wind. There are other options to protect it from the wind, for example, install the legs in planters and add some heavy stones in the planters, or to pour gravel in hollow metal posts. Regarding the choice of furniture, please do not forget that a  gazebo's roof does not protect against rain and the furniture should have a material that dries easily and does not wear from water. A nice addition to the view can be various flowers planted in tubs that can shade the place and give an intimate atmosphere. If you want to build an electricity line in it, it is more logical to think about it in advance, first build the line  on the spot, then make the installation.